At PenCraft Books we know what it’s like to have a dream!

Our dream is to turn you into a published author!

Our vision is to support each person; existing author, unpublished author, entrepreneur, business owner, parent at home, baby boomer with a wealth of experience to share; in fact anyone who wants to write; to become a published author.

We at PenCraft Books, provide our services across two main categories, which are supported by PCB Membership – co-authoring, and publishing your own book.  This gives you the opening to publish your ideas, thoughts, knowledge, or information in a professional, easy, and affordable manner.  Step-by-step PenCraft Books will take you through each stage of the publishing process to bring out the best in you, from the ‘idea in your head’, to seeing your words ‘in print’.

As part of their services, PenCraft Books offers ‘authorship’ education, and using a number of tools and techniques is designed as a resource which supports each step you take to becoming a successfully published author!

PenCraft Books has the facility to publish your books in printed and digital format.

At PenCraft Books, we consider ourselves the best kept secret in the industry, providing you with the support, quality and professionalism to put your dream of writing into succeeding as a published author!

About PenCraft Books


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