PenCraft Books offers you the opportunity to share your story or part of your story. 

Each co-authoring book is written by a number of individuals who use their knowledge and experience in their writing.  PenCraft Books co-authors come from all walks of life; home-based, corporate, educational, theological; and from a number of different countries. 

Joining the PenCraft Book’s team of co-authors gives you the opening to publish your ideas, thoughts, knowledge, or information in a professional, easy, affordable manner, and open up another stream of income.  Step-by-step the PenCraft Books team will take you through each stage of the publishing process to bring out the best in you, from the ‘idea in your head’, to seeing your words ‘in print’. 

As the premier provider of self-development and motivational books, through your story we provide the means for both individuals and organisations to develop targeted skill-sets required, motivating all individuals to success; and our publishing model provides each individual or organisation access to dynamic learning experiences through multiple publishing formats.

PenCraft Books offers different packages to provide you with the support that suits you, from basic support to full in-depth support.  Click here for more information on the different levels of support available.

We are looking for original works of writing in the form of a motivational and learning resource for others who would like to follow your lead.  Look no furtherjoin our team of published co-authors and open up another income stream opportunity and share your story.

An affiliate programme is also available. 

This list provides you with the description of our current range of PenCraft Books co-author books.  Select the one or more that you would like to write a chapter for!

  • Overcoming Obstacles
    Your Survival Guide for Overcoming Obstacles. This book will allow the audience to gain inspiration, strength, hints and tips on how to overcome obstacles – any obstacle.
    Targeted Publication date: 31st August, 2013
    Applications close: 28th February, 2013
  • Developing Inner Strength
    This book will help the audience find time for themselves from the powerful hints and tips that you will share to create a calm life, building healthy relationships, developing their self-confidence and increasing their self-esteem.  Share your story and benefit from helping other people to develop their own inner strength.
    Targeted Publication date: 30th September, 2013
    Applications close: 31st March, 2013
  • Life’s Most Important Answers
    This book will help the audience through each stage of their lives; from university or college into work, from being single into a relationship, from renting to buying their first home, from a relationship into marriage, from marriage into parenthood, from parenthood into friendship, from friendship into extended families, from extended families into grandparenthood, and each step along the way.
    Targeted Publication date: 31st October, 2013
    Applications close: 30th April, 2013
  • Food: across the seasons
    This book will talk to the audience about the importance of food in season, and will include details about the different types of food across the world.  Hints and tips and even recipies will be included to tempt you to experient with new foods or existing foods prepared in a different way.
    Targeted Publication date: 30th November, 2013
    Applications close: 31st May, 2013
  • Future books planned:
    • How I turned my hobby into a thriving business
    • Property Development – How much does that cost?
    • Property Profiteering
    • Wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit
    • Mind, Body, Spirit: In Balance
    • Transition and Change – your survival guide
    • For Better, For Richer
    • Women in Business
    • Mind, Body and Spirit in Business
    • Transitioning into the World of Work!
    • When I grow up … I want to be

contact us to join our team of co-authors.

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